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  • ProDen Plaque Off Liquid Toothpaste  25 ml
  • ProDen Plaque Off Liquid Toothpaste  25 ml
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ProDen Plaque Off Liquid Toothpaste 25 ml

  • Made out of natural & essential oils
  • Helps protect your dog’s teeth
  • 25 ml
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Liquid Toothpaste 25 ml

Is your dog suffering from any of these symptoms? Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, swollen Gums, receding Gums, Periodontitis, red Gums, tooth loss.

If you answered yes to any of these, it means your dog may be suffering from periodontal disease/gum disease. You should contact your vet for an oral control because not only may your dog lose his teeth, but periodontal diseases are also linked to heart disease, strokes, respiratory disease, bloated feeling, digestion problems, pancreatic cancer, diabetes and obesity.

ProDen Liquid Toothpaste is a “gift” from nature. It’s a natural toothpaste and breath freshener made out of 100% natural & essential oils. It’s specifically formulated with ingredients that help clean your dog’s teeth, maintain fresh breath, eliminate bad bacteria and protect teeth and gums.

  • 100% natural & food grade
  • Additive free
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No preservatives
  • Sugar free.

Usage instructions: Roughly 1 drop of on a toothbrush or on a finger brush. It’s recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Approx. 3 month’s use when brushing once per day.

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  • Liquid Toothpaste 25 ml
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